11 April 2011

Best. Day. Ever.

Today my Geometry teacher surprised me with the 
Her daughter 
(a tiny cute super jeopardy genius) 
was there at school! 
Even better… she let us meet her! 
Ali and I got her autograph. 
We also took some pictures with her! 
I don't remember the last time we were that excited! 
Here they are!

Aria signing autographs for Ali and me!

Aria and Me! 

Emily, Me, Ali, Bethany, Joan, Rose and Aria. So cute! 

Emily, Me, Ali, Bethany, Becca, Rose, Aria

Seriously the two cutest girls ever! She couldn't tell us how she did, but she was so dang cute I'm sure she had to have won! Can't wait till July 4th to find out!


Little Fish Girl said...

Speaking of cute, you're looking downright adorable in those pictures. I just want to pinch your little cheeks!

Mel and Al said...

your hair is super cute al!

Jordan said...


Best.hair.cut.&.color.ever! Love it!