15 April 2011


I have a love hate relationship with these. I love them because it means the semester is over! I hate them because it means I have to spend hours and hours studying - and I have the attention span of a gold fish (hence why I'm blogging).

However, I have had some really good ideas with how to spend my time for the summer. I want to be as productive as I can. Some of these plans include work out schedules, practicing cooking (contradictory?!) and writing music.

I am definitely looking forward to next Thursday when I am HOME in Idaho for a tiny minute with NO homework and nothing to stress about for a good five days! I just need to keep looking forward! ALMOST THERE!

Just 5 finals to go….

1 comment:

Little Fish Girl said...

You can do it! Just push right on through! :) And cooking is good for you - you can control the fat, sugar, salt, and know exactly what's going into it. So much better for you than not cooking.