27 June 2011

A Blog Post A Day...

Probably doesn't keep the doctor away. But it does give me something to look forward to… So it has been placed on my Summer Top 50!

Today's post is all about 
Playing for Pizza.

I've decided I want to blog all of the books I read this year. Starting with John Grisham's Playing for Pizza. I like giving my opinions on books, plus… I like remembering what I have read!

So here is what I think about this one:
Good book. Haha. It is a pretty decent book. I wouldn't place it on my top 10 favorite books ever, but it was well written (of course, it is John Grisham). The story line is interesting, and there were times when I would keep reading and postpone other things. I would say, if you have time… not a bad read!


Jordan said...

Agreed. Dad's book on tape? Same here!

Jordan said...

This is Hil btw.