07 June 2011


So… I took my time on this post. Sorry!

Here are the predictions though!

Erin - Ryan and Constantine

Ali - Lucas and J.P.

Emily - William and West

Ty - West and Ben F.

Josh - Ben F. and Bently

Cambrie - J.P. and William

Shelby - West and William

ShaLyse - William and J.P.

Dallen - Ben F. and J.P.

Kari - William and Ryan P.

Hilary - J.P. and Mickey

Brittainy - J.P. and William

Lot's of love for William and J.P.! We'll have to see what happens. May the best guesser win!


Emily Love said...

I love that my husband has guesses up. haha!

hilaryawb said...

I didn't get a chance to tell you mine. Please add me!

J.P. and Mickey

ShaLyse Walker said...

I was wrong. My and Dallen's guesses are mixed up. I picked ben and jp and he picked the lawyer from new orleans guy and jp.