25 December 2008

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve is the best, to me its almost as good as Christmas Day! On Christmas Eve morning we exchange presents Dad gave me a piano that hooks into my computer so I can write songs! I love it! Then we bake all day (well mostly Mother and Hilary). Then at night we go to Grandma Dot and Grandpa Von's house with all of the cousins that live in Idaho. That is always so much fun and tonight was no exception. The food was, of course, amazing and we laughed. A lot. There was also quite the array of musical numbers this year. All vocal of course (ok so it was really just us cousins singing and laughing). Grandma always loves that part best.
I love this, this picture of me and Grandpa 
Von is Priceless.

When we get home we always get to open our Christmas Eve p.j.'s. This year Hilary's and mine matched as did Chase and Jordan's. Remi and her American Girl doll received matching ones as too! Hilary and I (mostly me!) thought it would be fun
 to do a little photo shoot in our twinner outfits. 
(Jordan was feeling left out!)

Then for the rest of the night before bed Hilary and I are on wrapping duty to wrap all of the presents my dad has for my mom. This year we lucked out and were only on call for like half-hour, forty-five minutes. We are always able to have a good laugh each year though from the experience! I love that this night is so full of traditions - Christmas Eve is the best!


hilaryawb said...

Good Times, Good Times! You look hott in those pjs!

Remi said...

it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!
ha ha ha
love Remi <3