13 December 2008


Since there are only 12 days till Christmas, I figured it was time for a Christmas post! Yay! First of all. I love that it snowed today, even though I don't love snow. It reminded me of home though.  There is nothing like spending at least 10 minutes scraping the ice off of your car before you can get in :) The thing I love most though about Christmas is just the feeling! There is nothing like it. I also absolutely adore Christmas lights! Driving around Provo and seeing them everywhere puts me in a fabulous mood. I can not wait to be home and look out the window to our fantastic lights my father so happily displays. These are pictures of them and I love it! Tomorrow is our roommate Christmas. I'm pretty darn excited, mostly because that means tonight is Christmas Eve. Another favorite part of Christmas. I am sure there will be a great post tomorrow after our Christmas Adventures!

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