21 December 2008

My Best Friend

Even though I'm starting to get used to being at school more and more, there is nothing like coming home! One person I love coming home to every time is my best friend Saylor, (my little cousin!) She gets so excited to see me, and me her, and I love it! The Sunday after Thanksgiving, before I went back to Provo, Saylor wouldn't talk to me at all at church; however, she sat next to me all through Sacrament meeting. She seemed a little down in nursery and when her teacher asked what was wrong, she simply replied "My best friend is going back to college today." This break she was the very first person I saw and did something with. She is so much fun to be around because she is like a twenty-year-old in a three-year-olds body. I feel pretty lucky to have such a smart and beautiful little girl as my Best Friend. Ah, I just love her!

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hilaryawb said...

Love it! She is a special little girl and you're lucky she calls you her best friend. Secretly, I am a little jealous!